Prices will vary depending on the care or treatment required by your pet.    If funds are limited, please inform us at the start of treatment - we are more than happy to discuss any alternative treatment options, expected outcomes and prices with you.

If you would like to enquire about our charges, please do contact us by phone at the surgery.

We accept payment by Cash, Cheque (with cheque card), Delta, Mastercard or Visa, and Switch.

If your animal is insured, we work with most insurance companies.   Please make sure that you know what your excess is, as this will need to be paid at the start of treatment, and contact your company for a claim form.   Fill is your part and sign, then we will complete our part and generate invoices to go with the claim - you do not need to worry about collecting and keeping the invoices.  

Although there is a lot of small print with pet insurance, please try to keep up to date with your policy conditions as changes can cause problems.   A client recently ran up a bill exceeding £1700 over a period of ten months for treatment of an on-going condition, and ignored accounts sent to him to the point at which we had no choice but to refuse further treatment.  He had not realised that his insurance company expected him to make a 35% contribution to each claim after the first policy renewal, had been dropping off the claim forms and assuming that they were paying, had ignored all the bills!    He arrived snorting fire and brimstone but once we had explained, picked him up and supplied some strong coffee, he has arranged a payment schedule and the balance is gradually reducing.   The more expensive insurance policies are more expensive for a reason!   If a quote seems a lot cheaper, there is either a little bomb like that above somewhere, or the cost limit per condition is low and the company will stop paying when it is reached.   Cheap insurance which does not do the job when you need it is in many ways worse than no insurance at all (at least you know where you stand)!

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