Surgery Hours 


During the Coronavirus restrictions, we are operating an appointment system for urgent cases only.  THERE ARE NO OPEN SURGERIES.

Once all expected animals have been treated, we are closing early.   If you are coming to collect urgent medication or food, please come before ~ 4pm weekdays or ~11.00am on Saturday. If you are liable to arrive later than this, please ensure we know you are coming and we will wait for you.

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Our surgery hours are listed below.  

See our "In An Emergency" section for what to do in an emergency.

Open Surgeries

Mon - Fri 9.00am - 10.00am and 5.00pm - 6.30pm
Sat - 9.00am - 10.30am

Just turn up and you will be seen with no need to pre-book.   Obviously, waiting times can be longer than in the appointment surgeries!     If you attend an open surgery with a seriously ill animal, please bring this to the attention of the Reception staff, who will ensure that it is seen by the first available vet.   If you like to see a specific vet, please phone to check they are on duty.   After 6pm, only the vet on late that night stays to see those clients which arrive between 6.00 - 6.30pm, so please check before arriving later to prevent dispointment.


Mon - Fri 2.00pm - 3.00pm

Whilst we cannot guarantee that appointments will always run on time, choose an appointment if you like to be in and out quickly.   Please remember that emergencies, both small and large animal can happen at any time, and that vets may be called away from the practice to attend, or may be operating un-expectedly and that one day it may be your animal that needs treatment urgently!   The Reception staff try to keep clients informed if there is a delay during surgeries.

Our Reception is open all day during the week, and until 12.00 noon on Saturdays for the collection of over the counter products such as wormers or flea treaments and for prescription or food order collections.   Reception staff are happy to weigh your pet for you, and will check microchips.





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