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Welcome to our practice website. This site has been designe.d to provide you with an insight into our veterinary practice, the team and the services we offer.

UPDATED 23/7/20

From 24/7/20 the wearing of face coverings in enclosed public spaces becomes law, and this will apply within the surgery.   We have introduced 'oneplus' - a one meter spacing with a mask.   This allows  an increase in the number of waiting chairs, and the opening of Reception.   You no longer need to phone on arrival, but you should respect social distancing when inside.   If the seats are occupied please go back outside to wait, as standing inside will invalidate the calculated distancing.

We have enough PPE for the staff, but will be unable to supply clients.   If you haven't be mask, or cannot wear one for health reasons, we will see you outside. 

Open Surgeries

There are no open surgeries running at the moment

Booster Vaccination Clinics

Due to poor take up on the last booster clinic  on 16th July (8 animals) we ae cancelling  the further dedicated clinics.   Please book a normal surgery appointment.

We will take bookings for March,  April,May and June.

Due to upcoming staff shortages in August, there will be days when routine appointments are not available, so that we  can concentrate our resources on the treatment of ill or injured animals.   Bookings for routine operations will also be restricted in August.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused in advance.


Phones Un-Answered and Cut Offs

PLEASE, PLEASE STOP emailing and sending us facebook messages about phone calls cutting off and un-unswered phones. 

We have never received so many incoming calls per hour, and have two Receptionists answering  phones virtually without any pauses all day.   The sheer volume of incoming calls is over-loading the BT lines and causing cut offs - there is nothing we can do about this.  We understand that it is frustrating not to get an answer straight away, but by sending emails and facebook messages that require replies you are taking time away from veterinary staff who should be treating pets.  We have NO admin staff at the moment.

Please keep trying, and avoid calling on the hour or half hour, as we notice a flurry of calls when TV programs finish.  If the phone is ringing - stay on the line until we answer - one of the Receptionists might be temporarily away from the desk and the other on a call that cannot be put onto hold.   We may answer and  immediately ask you to hold whilst we complete transactions or hand out an order outside, please bear with us.

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We have introduced social distancing provisions within the building, which will allow you to enter with your pets for consultations and to collect orders, rather than remaining outside.   Our 'last visit' room has re-opened, so that you can talk to your pet at this difficult time, although still not hold.   

We are using the normally shuttered unit two door for entry to the building (top of the ramp on the right), and the usual door is exit only.   Following a chaotic start on Friday 29th, things seem to be running much more smoothly now, but your cooperation and consideration for others is vital if we are to remain open to clients.    

Our staff MUST follow the social distancing rules and wear PPE.   You cannot hold your animals, as you will be within the one meter distance required.   If your pet is difficult, or stressed, sedation may need to be administered to allow us to examine or treat that animal following the advised social distancing rules.

If you are deaf and need to lip read, please let us know, and we will remove the masks, but will then need to stand back from you.   We are working in small teams, so that a positive test does not result in the entire staff needing to self isolate, but many of the staff have 'at risk' partners, and we must minimise the risks of taking the virus home.

Neutering/Routine Operations

We are now able to accept routine neutering and kitten vaccination bookings.   We are holding dedicated booster clinics to help to reduce the backlog, as these allow us to see a large numebr of animals without blocking normal appointment slots.

We ask that operation appointments arrive between 8.30-9.00aml, so that animals can be admitted before clinic appointments start at 9.00am.

BOAS testing and hip/elbow score xrays are not being booked yet due to our efforts to reduce the backlog of routine cases deferred duing lockdown, but these will open up once things settle down.

Our thanks the vast majority of you who are cooperating fully with us and appreciate that we have been here for your animals when they need us. 

Horse  Vaccinations

For horse vaccinations, due to social distancing we will not be visiting yards, but will vaccinate your horse in a box or trailer at the surgery it it is quiet and liable to stand.   Prior appointments only.   We hope to have vets free for yard visits soon.


Please don't contact us via Facebook for emergencies or repeat meds, as the page is administered by a third party and messages take about a day to get through to us.   E-mail too can be delayed at the moment, as we are short staffed due to self isolations and checking of emails may be delayed.

Opening Times

We are  seeing consultations by appointment only, once we have reached the end of the daily list we will close early.   Anyone intending to collect a prescription or diet food after 5.00pm weekdays or 11.00am Saturdays should contact us before coming to the surgery.

Repeat Prescriptions from 1/7/20

We waived the three monthly examination/ check during the restrictions, and have been supplying repeat drugs on a monthly basis.   You can now choose between bringing your pet in for a prescription check and getingt the usual three months drugs, or you can continue to receive monthly drugs at the moment without a checkup if you prefer not to come into the building or are shielding.

For collections, phone when you arrive and if Reception is free you will be invited to come in to collect and pay.   If you are shielding we will continue to bring items outside for you.

'Un-answered' Phones

We have two Reception phones.   Demand on our system is very high and at times over-loads and calls are cut off.   Please try to avoid phone calls 'on the hour' as we have noticed there is a flurry of calls at this time when TV programs finish.   If you can't get through, KEEP TRYING.  Do NOT come into the building to tell us you are there for an appointment or collection.

Client Illness

If you or a family member is ill, and your pet needs to be seen, you MUST tell us when making your appointment.   A staff member in protective clothing will take your pet inside for examination and treatment.   The vet will want to chat to you over the phone, so make sure you have your mobile with you.


We prefer payment by card at the moment, although will accept cash if offered.   Contactless is availible inside the building.    Please pay before exiting if you have been seen inside the building, to reduce the volume of incoming phone calls as much as possible.  Later payment over the phone for those clients shielding will be accepted.

Working for animal and client health,


Practice Principal

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We offer a full range of veterinary services for the Chester Le Street area, and welcome clients from the surrounding areas. Currently, clients of the practice also live in Consett, High Spen, Gateshead, Washington, Sunderland, Seaham, Mutron, Durham and Peterlee, but you should consider travel time in an emergency situation from addresses to our out of hours service provider when making your choice of veterinary practice, as our small animal out of hours service is now provided by Wear Referrals, Bradbury. (see 'in an emergency' page).

Our professional team is committed to providing quality care and treatment to your pet who we consider to be a member of your family, and our practice policy is to treat your pet as we would our own.   This translates into a practical approach based on what drugs, treatments or surgical proceedures we would apply to our own pets, and most of the staff do have pets of their own.   We understand how worrying ill pets are but we are not a practice whose aim is simply to sell you the most expensive drugs, lab tests or surgery!

We have started a pet care plan for our dog, cat and rabbit clients.   A monthly direct debit will cover the cost of flea treatments, worming, annual boosters and a mid year checkup.   Clients on the scheme will benefit from discounted prices on some of our other services, and their overall discount more than pays the scheme fees.

We run Canine First Aid courses in conjunction with Baindream Dog Training Centre.   These have been very popular, and offer theoretical teaching and practical bandaging using Gill and Daves own dogs as the patients!   Full course notes, tea and biscuits and a certificate of attendance are provided for £40.00    To book places please contact Dave Bain PPDTI on 07919 867118 or contact us on 0191 3885125.   There are no First Aid Course planned until Coronavirus settles down, and lockdown is fully lifted.

For Baindream Dog Training, please look in the drop down menu under 'services' at the top of the webpages.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website

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NEWS - Gill Maxwell is now a Kennel Club Assessor for the BOAS Scheme for Pug, French Bulldog and Bulldog breeding stock.   Correct forms have arrived so testing is now live !   Afternoon apointments with Gill  charge  £ 32.00 /dog

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Facebook - many of our clients are enjoying the content on our Facebook page, but please note that it is administered by a third party, and although any messages will be forwarded on to us, they will inevitably be delayed.   For most questions about costs, treatments offered, appointment times or the most appropriate vet to see your animal, a direct call to Reception on 0191 3885125 will be the quickest and most efficient method of getting your answers.

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