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Welcome to our practice website. This site has been designed to provide you with an insight into our veterinary practice, the team and the services we offer. 

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Update 31/3/20 - Phones Again

A number of clients have contact the practice via Facebook to report their phone calls cutting off before being answered.

 If you see below, you'll find a report that we had problems with phone calls 'stacking' and ringing until people gave up before we could get to them.   We asked BT to send an an egaged signal when both Reception phones were busy, but what seems to be happening is that new calls are just being cut off as the system is simply over-loading.

Despite long queuing, we have been unable to get back through to BT, but they are unlikely to be able to resolve this issue.   We will keep trying.   We have noticed that there is a flurry of calls aroung the times when most TV programs finish on the hour, so try avoiding these times, and keep trying, We are here, we are seeing sick animals and are processing repeat prescriptions.   

Please don't contact us via Facebook for repeat meds, as the page is administered by a third party and messages take about a day to get through to us.   E-mail too can be delayed at the moment, as we are short staffed due to self isolations, and emails are low priority compared to treating emergency cases..

Update 30/3/20   

Opening times - as we are now seeing urgent consultat0ions by appointment only, once we have reached the end of the daily list we will close early.   Anyone intending to collect a prescription or diet food after 5.00pm weekdays or 11.00am Saturdays should contact us before coming to the surgery

Update 27/3/20

We have received advice from the British Veterinary Association that all vaccinations should be cancelled.

We had been taking puppies from their owners at the door for their first or second vaccines, but this will now need to stop.   Should puppies need to re-start their course once restrictions are lifted, a reduced fee will be introduced.  For most of the puppies, we have a few weeks breathing space.

It has come to our attention that some posted drugs have not arrived as expected.  All postal drug orders have been despatched, but the postal service is obviously experiencing problems.   If your pet is running out of medication please contact us for alternatives.   We cannot promise to deliver all the prescriptions as we have staff on restriction, but will try to help if urgent.

Please PHONE US FIRST if coming to collect prescriptions later in the day, as we may close early if not expecting you and all the booked appointments have been seen.

Re unanswered phones as below - BT have resolved things to prevent calls stacking, but we have had reports of calls being cut off before we answer this morning.   Please keep trying if this happens to you,

Update 23/3/20

Due to the advice that people minimise social contacts, we have cancelled most routine operations and vaccination boosters.   We have moved to an APPOINTMENT system for urgent cases and puppy vaccinations.   There will be NO open surgery places, and times may be different from our normal clinics.  We ask that you phone to let us know you've arrived, but wait in your cars until we come for your pet.   Please bring your mobile as the vet may want to speak to you about the problem.  See below - if you can't get through, literally just pop your head in and let us know you are outside.

'Un-answered' Phones

We have two Reception phones.   Demand on our system reached un-believable levels this morning, with both phones ringing continually from 8.40am till around 3pm when it calmed down slightly.   A previous problem we thought we'd had resolved reared its head again.   Apologies if your call went un-answered.   We have asked BT repeatedly that when those Reception phones are in use, an 'engaged' signal is triggered.    This morning, it became obvious that further incoming calls were 'stacking' on top of the answered calls, and that some of those calls were being 'hung up' before we could take them.   At one point, I was talking to three different clients as I tried to recover a person on hold!  

We are open in a limited fashion as described above.    Please keep trying whilst we try to resolve this issue with BT.  

General Advice

Please disinfect your hands on arrival if you need to come into the building.   Make appointments and arrive on time rather than early to reduce your waiting time.  Wait in your car after phoning your name in, leaving  Reception your mobile number. We'll come out and get your pet.

If collecting pre-ordered repeat prescriptions or food, phone when you get here, pay by credit card and we will bring out to you.

If you or a family member is ill, and your pet needs to be seen, you MUST phone us before entering the building.   A staff member in protective clothing will take your pet inside for examination and treatment.   The vet will want to chat to you over the phone, so make sure you have your mobile with you.

If your pet is on long-term medication and is well and stable, we will not insist on re-examinations at three month intervals as usual.   You can order your medication or prescription diets at any time during the day if possible.   We will  post medication at reduced charge during the outbreak. We can supply one month at a time.  Payment is required at the time of ordering for postal deliveries.   We will issue written prescriptions at monthly intervals without the re-examinations at the moment, at a reduced prescription charge.

If you fall into the high risk group, please phone us for a specific 'high risk' appointment and use the disabled entrance within Turnpark.  A small consulting area has been arranged downstairs for your use.  These appointments may be at slightly different times to the usual clinics to avoid more than one client at a time downstairs.   We can also arrange for you to collect your repeat meds at the back door - please phone us when you arrive, and pay by card.

Please check this page daily before attending as our advice and actions may change as the outbeak develops.

Working for animal and client health,


Practice Principal

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We offer a full range of veterinary services for the Chester Le Street area, and welcome clients from the surrounding areas. Currently, clients of the practice also live in Consett, High Spen, Gateshead, Washington, Sunderland, Seaham, Mutron, Durham and Peterlee, but you should consider travel time in an emergency situation from addresses to our out of hours service provider when making your choice of veterinary practice, as our small animal out of hours service is now provided by Wear Referrals, Bradbury. (see 'in an emergency' page).

Our professional team is committed to providing quality care and treatment to your pet who we consider to be a member of your family, and our practice policy is to treat your pet as we would our own.   This translates into a practical approach based on what drugs, treatments or surgical proceedures we would apply to our own pets, and most of the staff do have pets of their own.   We understand how worrying ill pets are but we are not a practice whose aim is simply to sell you the most expensive drugs, lab tests or surgery!

We have started a pet care plan for our dog, cat and rabbit clients.   A monthly direct debit will cover the cost of flea treatments, worming, annual boosters and a mid year checkup.   Clients on the scheme will benefit from discounted prices on some of our other services, and their overall discount more than pays the scheme fees.

We run Canine First Aid courses in conjunction with Baindream Dog Training Centre.   These have been very popular, and offer theoretical teaching and practical bandaging using Gill and Daves own dogs as the patients!   Full course notes, tea and biscuits and a certificate of attendance are provided for £40.00    To book places please contact Dave Bain PPDTI on 07919 867118 or contact us on 0191 3885125.

For Baindream Dog Training, please look in the drop down menu under 'services' at the top of the webpages.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website

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NEWS - Gill Maxwell is now a Kennel Club Assessor for the BOAS Scheme for Pug, French Bulldog and Bulldog breeding stock.   Correct forms have arrived so testing is now live !   Afternoon apointments with Gill  charge  £ 32.00 /dog

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Facebook - many of our clients are enjoying the content on our Facebook page, but please note that it is administered by a third party, and although any messages will be forwarded on to us, they will inevitably be delayed.   For most questions about costs, treatments offered, appointment times or the most appropriate vet to see your animal, a direct call to Reception on 0191 3885125 will be the quickest and most efficient method of getting your answers.

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