Memorable Cases 

A little appeal on this page to make sure you obtain the correct advice FROM A VET about any problems or concerns. 

There are many, many sources of information available to owners nowadays, from the neighbour 'who's had dogs for years' to good old 'Dr Google', but some of the information out there is outdated, incorrect, biased or just plain wrong.

'Diamond' was just over two years of age,   She and her sister found some rat bait, and Diamond (the larger dog) polished off a reasonable amount.   The owner phoned the pest control company, but then unfortunately either misunderstood the volume of bait that would cause a problem or the company gave the incorrect information.   Rat bait is usually a slow poison that prevents blood from clotting, and takes several days to show an effect.    Diamond was fine the next day, so they didn't think anything of it.   Four days later, Diamond was very ill and miserable, so they phoned up, but didn't mention rat bait, so were given an afternoon appointment three to four hours later.

By the time we saw her, she was desperately ill, barely able to stand, cold and shocked, and despite an emergency blood transfusion from her sister, didn't recover.   Now, we don't think that seeing her earlier that day would have changed the tragic outcome, but if only her owners had phoned when she ate the bait, she could have been vomited to empty her stomach before absorbtion, or the next day a check phone call and she could have been dispensed the antidote.

We NEVER think people are wasting our time on phone queries, and most of the time are happy just to be able to allay fears and provide reassurance, but every so often, that 'time wasting' phone call is really, really important.

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