We installed a new practice management computer system in March 2016.   As expected, we have had a few 'teething' troubles, but are gradually getting the system up and running.   There are still a few problems to iron out - we are finding that if a product changes its name, or product code, the computer system will not let us sell it as it thinks we have no stock!   We are getting there, and thank clients for their patience when glitches hit.

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The expansion into the former snooker club next door has now been completed, and we now have a separate 'quiet' waiting area, a quiet ward and theatre and extra consulting rooms up and running in unit 2.   We have designed and integrated a dedicated ' last visit' room in which clients can sit in privacy and comfort with their pets both before and after 'the deed is done'.   Some of the options for private cremation and the return of ashes can be seen, and privacy is ensured by the lighting of a candle at Reception when the room is in use.   

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Changes to RSPCA Injured Stray Policy

Ever wondered what happens if your animal strays, is injured, then is brought to vets by a well-meaning stranger?   You might assume that the RSPCA would help by providing some funding to enable your animal to be treated, and in fact this was the case in the past.   Practices were granted limited funding to provide emergency care.    THE RULES HAVE NOW CHANGED.

The RSPCA will only fund injured stray animals if the finder phones them first, before bringing into the vets, and the RSPCA then decide which practice the case should be taken to.   In this circumstance, they will provide limited funding for the treatment of the animal.   Animals brought directly into a practice will no longer be funded, and will rely on the practice itself funding intial treatment.   Of course, in most cases, this will be done, but seriously injured animals requiring a lot of care may need to be euthanased due to financial considerations.   As a caring practice, we would hate to be put into this position, but can forsee situations in which it will arise.

PLEASE, PLEASE GET ALL YOUR PETS MICROCHIPPED.   This allows rapid identification of stray animals and lets us contact their owners, sometimes before they even realise their pet is missing!

Despite repeated meetings with the RSPCA, the new system is in force, and is unlikely to be changed.

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