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Welcome to our practice website. This site has been designed to provide you with an insight into our veterinary practice, the team and the services we offer.

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We offer a full range of veterinary services for the Chester Le Street area, and welcome clients from the surrounding areas. Currently, clients of the practice also live in Consett, High Spen, Gateshead, Washington, Sunderland, Seaham, Mutron, Durham and Peterlee, but you should consider travel time in an emergency situation from addresses further afield when making your choice of veterinary practice.

Our professional team is committed to providing quality care and treatment to your pet who we consider to be a member of your family, and our practice policy is to treat your pet as we would our own.   This translates into a practical approach based on what drugs, treatments or surgical proceedures we would apply to our own pets, and most of the staff do have pets of their own.   We understand how worrying ill pets are but we are not a practice whose aim is simply to sell you the most expensive drugs, lab tests or surgery!

We have started a pet care plan for our dog, cat and rabbit clients.   A monthly direct debit will cover the cost of flea treatments, worming, annual boosters and a mid year checkup.   For a small additional payment, an accident cover will be available.   This is not as comprehensive as full pet insurance, but is a cover for those unexpected incidents which befall our pets.   We may add horses later if we get sufficient interest.   Clients on the scheme will benefit from discounted prices on some of our other services, and their overall discount more than pays the scheme fees.

We run Canine First Aid courses in conjunction with Baindream Dog Training Centre.   These have been very popular, and offer theoretical teaching and practical bandaging using Gill and Daves own dogs as the patients!   Full course notes, tea and biscuits and a certificate of attendance are provided for £35.00.    To book places please contact Dave Bain LPDTI on 07919 867118 or contact us on 0191 3885125.

Baindream Dog Training Centre will be hosting a seminar by Carolyn Monteith on Saturday 18th April.   Carolyn will be discussing 'Understanding Your Dog'.   An author of several dog training manuals, Carolyn runs seminars at Crufts, and we are very pleased that she is coming to talk here.

You will also find a comprehensive range of general pet care fact files and useful pet care links that you are free to access whenever you need to.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website


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Facebook comments from Saturday 21st March 2015

There have been a number of comments on Facebook regarding our treatment of a stray dog on Saturday 21st March and I have prepared the following statement :-

All the practice staff take their responsibilities to animals brought in to us very seriously, irrespective of their ownership status.  Our obligation to stray animals is to provide such emergency treatment or pain relief as is appropriate and we treat many strays each year before reuniting them with their owners or passing them on to the relevant authorities.

Homer was brought in by a member of the public on Saturday morning.   We checked our 'lost' register, in which we record the details of missing animals reported to the surgery and found no matching entry.   He was not wearing a collar and was unsucessfully scanned for a microchip.   We did not attempt to contact the Dog Wardan as we had previously been informed that they do not operate at the weekend.  The Police are no longer responsible for stray dogs and do not maintain a listing.

He was comforted by one of our nurses, and examined by two experienced veterinary surgeons who found him very agitited and distressed.   Obviously elderly, he was making clawing, repetitive movements of his front legs, but was unable to stand even when supported, and was barely responsive to his surroundings.   His heart and lung sounds were muffled and indistinct, he was very thin and was experiencing breathing difficulties.   They decided that his condition was terminal and his prognosis hopeless.  No palliative treatment could have been provided which would have rendered him comfortable, and accordingly he was painlessly put down.

The same action would have been recommended for him had he been presented by his owners.

It is not acceptable, either legally or ethically for us to admit a stray animal in such a desperate and distressed clinical condition to the hospital in the hope that an owner comes forward.   It is always with deep regret that we take this drastic course of action, which is only done to prevent further suffering.   These few unfortunate animals in this situation are put down with a gentle touch and a kind word.

His owners have our deepest sympathy.

Miss G A Maxwell BVMS, MRCVS Practice Principal 23/3/15

Postscript - Homer has been identified by his owners, who now, having seen him and had a discussion with us, accept the fact that he was gravely ill and that we had no other options.   Unfortunately, the Facebook 'murderers' stream of abusive messages continues.     All the staff would like to express a huge thank you to all our loyal clients for their messages of support in the face of this distressing and inaccurate Facebook smear campaign.


Miss G A Maxwell BVMS, MRCVS Practice Principal 25/3/15


26/3/15 - The latest accusation on Facebook is that we arranged a' super-rapid cremation' for Homer 'to prevent his body being sent for post mortem examination'.   This is inaccurate.   Post mortem examination was suggested twice, initially when phone contact was made with the presumed owners before definate identification of Homer, and also when they came in and did identify him.   We would have cooperated fully with any request to assist in arranging such an examination.  The pet crematorium was actually requested to pick Homer up by the owners representative prior to their identification of him, and it was the crematorium driver who informed us that they were on their way down to the practice to make the identification!  

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